Barotseland responds to the Zambia’s submission on admissibility on the case–”The Ngambela of Barotseland and Others v. Zambia” before the ACHPR–as Banjul confirms receipt of the response

by BNFA Secretary General

We hold the Respondent State’s assertion that our Communication is inadmissible as misguided because it is founded on misapplication of relevant statutes and precedents as well as misrepresentation of facts. In demonstrating this position, we present the following observations and comments on the Respondent State’s submissionRead more-html Read more-pdf… In the meantime, the ACHPR has confirmed receipt of the response.

BRE warns Tamboka over his statement in the Daily Nation Newspaper and cautions government of Zambia

by Ngombala Lubita

The Barotse Royal Establishment has reacted sharply by dismissing the report in your esteemed newspaper dated 29th May 2015 entitled, “We don’t want to be under Lozi domination” by the so-called chairman of the Nkoya royal council, Edwin Tamboka …As refugees they are free to relocate elsewhere away from Barotseland if they feel uncomfortable to live side by side with the people who sympathized with their plight and gave them sanctuary. Read more-html Read more-pdf