Monthly Archives: December 2016

Situtu writes Acting Ngambela of Barotseland–as he warns against mortgaging Bulozi and BA’64 restoration being on the discussion agenda with Zambia while daring him to call a Barotse National Council meeting

by Mucala Situtu

If that international Agreement signed by representatives of three governments was so brutally, ruthlessly and unilaterally abrogated, how strong will this local arrangement your Kuta is pursuing going to be? Let us not mortgage Bulozi for the “unity and peace” of Zambia. God forbid. … The restoration of the Barotseland Agreement should never be on the agenda in any discussions with the Zambian authorities. Read more-pdf

Zambia’s DPP conniving with Zambia Police and BRE to Humiliate Hon. Sinyinda—as the international community is called upon to recognize Barotseland statehood and stop the Zambia regime’s violence

by BNFA Publicity Wing

Reliable sources have confided to Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) that the unholy alliance between the oppressive Zambian regime and its agent, the embattled Edwin Lubosi Imwiko, are conniving to drag Hon. Clement Wainyae Sinyinda, the BNFA Chairman-General, to court on a trumped charge of threatening violence. Read more-html Read more-pdf