Monthly Archives: October 2017

Barotseland boundary is well-defined and well-documented

by Saleya Kwalombota

Barotseland boundary with Zambia is well-documented as the two territories existed as separate entities 53 years ago with the former having a well-defined physical boundary. It is for this reason and through the BNFA that the people of Barotseland are demanding legal settlement of Barotseland statehood through the permanent court of arbitration as it was done in 1903 when Barotseland boundary between British and Portuguese spheres of influence was determined. Read more-html Read more-pdf

The Barotseland Agreement—missed chances and broken promises

by Samaswe

For all the accolades he had been showered for liberating South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and Namibia, Kaunda unleashed the most brutal and tyrannical rule on Barotseland and its people. Fredrick Chiluba, Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda, Michael Sata and now Edgar Lungu have religiously followed in the footsteps of their spiritual leader and lamentably failed the people of Barotseland. Read more-html Read more-pdf