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Agents of the oppressive Zambia regime not accepted in Barotseland

by BNFA Publicity Wing

We register our disappoint on the utterances made by an agent of the oppressive regime of Zambia in the name of Vice President Inonge Wina during her recent campaign visit in Barotseland on February 17, 2018 in Mongu. She said, “Barotseland cannot separate from Zambia because of intermarriages and urged people not to listen to advocates of Barotseland self-determination” are but illusions. Read more-html Read more-pdf

Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into voting patterns and election violence

by BNFA Publicity Secretary and Chairperson for Youth

The continued occupation of the Zambian government of Barotseland, continued violence and the continued denial of the right of Barotseland to self-determination explain the election violence and voting pattern you see in Barotseland is a protest vote. The people of Barotseland do not want to be ruled by President Lungu or any Zambian opposition leader. Barotseland is a separate territory from Zambia and all what its people want now is to run their own affairs. Read more-html Read more-pdf