The Barotse Demand Lubosi’s Immediate Abdication

  Whereas you have turned against Barotse traditions, culture and an age-old and unparalleled democratic governance system whereby the Litunga is cared for by the People and the People govern themselves through established organs, and as the Litunga cannot make a declaration, decision or act without the express sanctioning of the People through established channels as has been repeatedly done, your transgressions have become unacceptable:  
  1. Failing to oversee the implementation of the Barotse National Council resolutions of March 26-27, 2012.
  2. Rendering all the Liñomboti, custodians of the Litungaship, dysfunctional. In particular, you removed Akashambatwa and Imbwae knowing very well that you lack the authority to do so. This is an act of abomination in our culture and tradition.
  3. Acting in your individual capacity, you and your Indunas have unilaterally withdrawn from the case of the Ngambela of Barotseland and others v. the Republic of Zambia before the African Commission of Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), although the human rights violations against the Barotse were and are very real. The Ngambela was mandated to take the case before the ACHPR by the People of Barotseland through the Barotse National Council resolutions of March 26-27, 2012 and, by taking this act, you and your Indunas have automatically relinquished the positions of trust bestowed upon you by the People.
  4. Undertaking irregular appointments of Indunas in complete disregard of the established, age-old system.
  5. Rendering the Siikalo and the District Kutas ineffective by failing to facilitate the appointment of key Indunas at the Siikalo, the Saa, Nalolo, Naliele, Mwandi, Libonda, Namayula and Kaunga. For instance, none of the Kutas has a Ngambela or equivalent as well as Natamoyo and Ingangwana at Namuso. This is unprecedented in our governance system.
  6. Denying the People an opportunity to meet with their Litunga by your failure to undertake regular, periodic tours of the Kingdom.
  7. Abandoning Lealui, the capital of Barotseland and permanent residence of the Litunga, in preference for a nomadic way of life in Limulunga, Lusaka and Kabwe.
  8. Abandoning the People of Barotseland in preference for a cordial relationship with agents of the oppressive Zambian regime.
  9. Traveling within and outside Barotseland and staying outside Barotseland as an ordinary person, which is taboo in our culture and tradition.
  In pursuance of our unalterable belief, understanding and aspirations, as enshrined in the Barotse National Council resolutions of March 26-27, 2012, reflecting our collective decisions from the highest policy-making body of the People of Barotseland, and in order to restore the position and integrity of the Litunga and the Litunga la Mboela, all Resident Royalties, the Katengo, and all other organs of governance of the Kingdom of Barotseland to their rightful place, which has been in place since AD 1293 uninterrupted, and without any claim that you shall become entitled, by reason of anything that you may say or do, to any other or different treatment or consideration at the hands of the occupying Zambian regime than you otherwise could and might receive, we now desire to express and make known, and do hereby express and make known, to yourself, as the only recognized head of the Kingdom of Barotseland, and to all of the People of Barotseland, whether or not they have yet become citizens of Barotseland, or are or have been adherents of the Monarch, and also to all diplomatic and other foreign representatives engaged with Barotseland, to all of whom we respectfully cause this statement and action to be known immediately, as follows:  
  1. In order to avoid any possibility of doubt or misunderstanding, although we do not think that any doubt or misunderstanding is proper or possible, we remind you that the Barotse National Council is the sole lawful, surviving government body of the Kingdom of Barotseland and that the administrative body is comprised in the Litunga in Council. The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) is President Kenneth Kaunda’s creation, set up to ease the despoliation of our nation, alien to our governance system and without power to make unilateral decisions on behalf of the People of Barotseland. The People and Government of Barotseland shall not be bound by any misguided deeds and decisions made by yourself or the BRE, whether in Barotseland or elsewhere, from all and every manner of allegiance, or official obligation or duty.
  1. For yourself, your heirs and successors, Kutas and People of Barotseland, you hereby and without any reservation or modification, fully, finally, unequivocally, irrevocably, and forever abdicate. You have renounced and released unto the People of Barotseland and the legitimate successors forever all claims or pretensions to the throne of Barotseland, or to the Monarch of Barotseland, or to any past, existing, or future Government of Barotseland, or by reason of any present, formerly-existing, or future constitution, statute, law, position, right or claim of any and every kind, name or nature whatsoever, and whether the same consist of pecuniary or property considerations, or of personal status, save and excepting only such rights and privileges as belong to you in common with all private citizens or residents of Barotseland.
  1. Henceforth, you shall live in privacy and cease all publicity on behalf of Barotseland, or even give the appearance of being concerned in the public affairs of Barotseland, other than to express, as we now do and shall always continue to do, your most sincere hope for the welfare and prosperity of the People of Barotseland, under and subject to the Government of Barotseland.
  1. We have prepared, drawn and signed this statement because of the pain we have endured over a long period of time as a consequence of the afore-mentioned transgressions, which can no longer be tolerated. We request that you respect the will and aspirations of the People of Barotseland, which is in the best interests of all, and necessary for Barotseland to regain its rightful status.
  Relying upon the magnanimity of the Barotse National Council of 2012, and upon its protection, We have the honor to be, the People of Barotseland.  
Names Silalo/Silalnda District Signature
Names Silalo/Silalnda District Signature