Barotse governance today—a symbol of oppression under embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II 16-year reign   by BNFA Publicity Wing   In Barotseland today, there is no elected government but governed by not merely the rich and high-born, but the worst of these. She is governed by the most skilful intriguers at the Saa-Sikalo Kuta, by the most artful tricksters who carry lies and slander to the people. The embattled Barotse Royal Establish (BRE) governs in secret. The people do not and cannot know new rules and regulations, what was and has been hatched, new charges or taxes but only to be surcharged through “contributions the new phantom called Kuomboka ceremony” whose proceeds are shared out among them selves. There is no country where officials are so treacherous like the embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II and his current crop of hand-picked and self-serving BRE Indunas in Barotseland. The BRE treachery has become a dark forest where a mere Barotse can never get through nor obtain justice. No complaint about bribery, robbery or abuse of power can be brought against the Litunga and Indunas. The voice of the people can not get through this dark forest, stifled in police torture by the oppressed regime. These Indunas, who are never elected by the people nor responsible to the people, have woven a thick web where men and women struggle like flies.   In Barotseland today, we have an autocratic Litunga and Indunas are protected and put their trust in the brutal force of the oppressive regime. This explains why the streets of Mongu, and in particular, the Mongu High Court grounds swarmed with people on February 24, 2017 carrying placards inscribed, “WE DEMAND THAT LUBOSI MUST GO”, they further read, “LUBOSI IMWIKO II LITUNGA OF BAROSELAND A SYMBOL OF ZAMBIAN ORRESSION” and “LONG LEAVE POLITICAL LIBERTY”. This is why thousands of the rural poor must support and take up this battle—upholding the Barotse National Council Resolutions of March 27, 2012 and join the BNFA revolutionaries. Like the BNFA, they should not be daunted by persecution, fear the enemy’s threats and deterred by BRE reversals. Who are these people—discriminated and unemployed youth, charcoal burners and villagers. Let us ALL come forward for a decisive push to free Barotseland and demand convocation of people’s representatives.   The BNFA firmly believes that the people should elect their representatives in the Katengo. The BNFA National Executive Committee will introduce elective government in Barotseland, ensure freedom of assembly, expression and speech, right to employment, right to food security and freedom of press. The BNFA demands political freedom. Nobody can free the Barotse from poverty and oppression but themselves. In this regard, we agree with Saleya that, “Let us cleave together for the purpose of unity that will give birth to popular governance structure. Barotseland is an issue of justice and independence is certain”.