Zambian government quagmire—People from the rest of Zambia should pretend not to know at their peril


By BNFA Publicity Wing

  The Zambian government striped itself of its authority over Barotseland when the Barotseland Agreement 1964 ceased to have effect following its unilateral abrogation on November 21, 1969. Since then, the government of Zambia has been exercising power in Barotseland illegally. Today, Nobody in Zambia should pretend not to know of this fact.   This serves as a timely reminder to all Zambian operatives in Barotseland, irrespective of what position you hold, you are working in Barotseland illegally and you will be held accountable collectively and individually. Ignorance and following orders/instructions is no defense. This is also a timely reminder to those individuals and organizations sponsored by the oppressive regime to facilitate dismemberment of the territorial integrity of Barotseland. The boundaries of Barotseland are clear and predate the coming into being of Zambia in 1964 and its predecessor Northern Rhodesia in 1911. You have a choice of being in Barotseland or migrating to North Eastern Rhodesia or any other country. Interfering with the boundaries of Barotseland is a treasonable offence.   Time has already run out for the Zambian regime. The more it continues its occupation of Barotseland, the more the reparation charges escalate, which increase by the day. There is nothing of value for the Zambian regime in Barotseland because they are not entitled to anything. What ever they have got from Barotseland shall be paid back—timber, tax, diamonds, etc—with interest, in addition to paying for their human rights abuses and torture against the Barotse. With God on our side, the actualization of the Barotseland statehood is at hand.