In his continued blatant violations of Barotse culture and tradition embattled Edwin sneaks out of the palace as Mwenda thrives in his tumulye-tumulye


by independent Observer

  Hardly a couple of days following a sham 2017 Kuomboka ceremony of the people of Barotseland organized by the oppressive regime of Zambia, the embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko has yet again sneaked out of the palace on his unending private errands. He has now stayed away from Barotseland lose to a Month, preferring to be in a foreign territory where he spends most of his time in blatant violation of Barotse culture, traditions and customs. The sham ceremony itself also joins the long list of violations. In this regard, I agree with Barotse traditional loyalists who sued Edwin on February 24, 2017 citing his none upholding of Lozi tradition and culture. Already, over 92% of the Barotse are in open disapproval of his Litungaship and want his immediate vacation of the throne for apparent gross incompetence and abuse of authority as demonstrated by his flippant attitude to the needs of the people of Barotseland and the sham 2017 Kuomboka ceremony paddled by hired PF cadres—a disgrace to the Barotse culture and tradition.  

Recently, Edwin went about appointing his relatives and friends as Likombwa, chief among them was one, Nyambe Mwenda. Mwenda and his cohorts should be aware that Edwin’s failure is their failure too. They should also be aware of the repercussions that go with the failure to observe traditional and cultural norms. They are all aiding the oppressive regime to make the traditional institutions of governance in Barotseland ineffective and irrelevant to the core-values around which the traditional structures were established. This is a betrayal of the people of Barotseland. For how long are the people of Barotseland going to stand by and watch a single individual destroy their nation, culture, tradition and customs?

  I take this opportunity to remind Mwenda, a “tumulye-tumulye”, that the demise of Ilute Yeta does not leave his hands clean. Neither does his indulgency with Edwin absolve him from his continued iniquity.