BNFA position statement on the installation of a new Ngambela


by BNFA Publicity Wing

  The Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) hereby disassociates itself from the embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko’s continued violations of Barotseland’s age old democratic governance system, culture, tradition and custom by single handedly picking an individual to the position of Ngambela. The position of the Ngambela is elective via the Katengo and in its absence, the National Council as was done during the installation of the legitimate Ngambela Clement Wainyae Sinyinda. People ascend to the Ngambelaship and indeed to Indunaship as well as Litungaship through an Electoral College system. The only exception is the position of Likombwa (Litunga’s stewards) and Mabutu (Litunga’s errand personnel) where the Litunga has leverage. The Litunga, therefore, does not hold authority nor mandate to appointment a Ngambela or indeed any Induna outside the established due process. Therefore, anybody appointed directly by the Litunga, notwithstanding whatever title, is nothing but a Sikombwa.  

A few days prior to the Kuomboka ceremony held on April 8, 2017 in Lealui and Limulunga, Edwin Lubosi single handedly went about installing Indunas outside the due process. We witnessed the instaltion of his relatives and friends as follows: Nyambe Mwenda as Ngambela; Mukelabai Mukenani as Imbae; Sepiso as Akashambatwa; Mulele as Kanda; Aketata Batunda as Katema; Tai as Mubonda and Kangeya Nalishuwa as Mwinanene. The so called new Ngambela Mwenda is infamous all over Barotseland for his acute corruption and fraudulent activities, apparently sharing the same characteristics like his appointing authority. Further, he is also closely related to Edwin by marriage. He is, therefore, not fit to hold public office let alone position of Ngambela.

  As BNFA, we do not recognize all the people appointed to the above positions and regard the previous incumbents as the legitimate holders of the positions. Therefore, these appointments should be regarded as Likombwa installations. We, as the people of Barotseland should ensure that sanity is restored in the Lealui/Limulunga palaces. We call on the people to steadfastly fight against the destroyers of our age old democratic governance system, culture, tradition and customs.