Keep BRE under close watch


By Siyomunji

The people of Barotseland should be serious and keep the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) under close watch. This organization is very cunning, selfish, slippery and very treacherous. It does not stand for the interests of the People of Barotseland as demonstrated by their turning against the Barotse National Council† Resolutions of 2012. BRE should not be trusted in any way. These sophisticated and crafty leaders will try to do their level best to confuse the people and should not be allowed to temper with the BNC Resolutions of 2012.

Already, there is a strong rumor that the Kuta is organizing a meeting with district and village Indunas and lie that the BNC Resolutions of 2012 never received the blessings of the Kutas. Thereafter, call for a new BNC under closed door for the purpose of cancelling the BNC Resolutions of 2012. BRE wants to draft a new and watered down Barotseland Agreement, which allows the Zambian regime to take away the rights of the people of Barotseland after the Zambian regime shredded the Barotseland Agreement 1964, which had formed the foundation of the unitary state of Zambia. The Zambian regime termed the BA'64 statute stale, null and void. BRE is doing this in the hope of receiving a few cash handouts Zambian kwacha.

It is quite clear that BRE does not know what they are doing when they talk about re-installation. Ask them what they want to install? They donít know. The embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko wants reinstallation because his boss Edgar Lungu wants installation and confusion in Barotseland. BRE does not have a head of its own but consciously decided to be followers of the Zambian regime. They have been talking about installation of the voided agreement for the 49 years and will continue doing so for another 50 years if not check-mated. Already, they have been shown the way out and it is time them to go.

Just imagine they boast that the 2017 Kuomboka was the best when the failed to paddle the Nalikwanda, which was filled with Zambian security forces that even the royal drummers failed to perform their duties. This has never happened in the history of Barotseland. Donít be cheated by these liars, cruel and selfish leaders without love for their people and country.