Setting up a radio station in kaoma for tribal propaganda—a coup against the Barotse Monarchy


by Saleya Kwalombota

It is interesting to note that certain area Indunas (Chief) in Barotseland are at liberty to disrespect the Barotse Monarchy, which allowed them to settle in Barotseland but now let themselves to be used as agents of the oppressing regime of Zambia to spread divisions in a territory that provided them with sanctuary. It is the worst level of unthankfullness and a coup d'etat against the Monarchy that even allowed them to freely practice their cultures. They are taking full advantage of embattled Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko who has turned against the will and wishes of the people of Barotseland by not respecting the Barotse National Council  Resolutions of 2012 and the Barotse customs and tradition to fuel tribal division. These activities will not be tolerated. These groups should know that Barotseland is a different country from Zambia. If they had made a mistake to settle in Barotseland, they are free to migrate to Zambia or elsewhere. Now is their time to do so for they won’t even need a visa to relocate to Zambia. How can a child cry for equal status of authority to that of parents? The so called Mbunda and Nkoya "Royal Establishments" of area Indunas (Chiefs) Chengele and Mutondo are recipes for anarchy as they are acts of insubordination to the order of the Monarchy in general and to the Sikalo Kuta in particular, to which they are subordinated in the Barotseland governance system.

Further, this confirms Lubosi's leadership failure, why should an area Induna set-up a radio station for tribal propaganda of two tribes when we have 38 tribes and a national language Silozi? We can deduce that this is insubordination to the Monarchy and Sikalo Kuta authorities by a small group of Mbunda and Nkoya sponsored Zambian agents! In short, Lubosi has failed to thwart the disunity propagated by successive Zambian regimes and neither do these naïve people realize that they are also busy destroying themselves. In the same way that they are insubordinate to Monarch and Sikalo Kuta, their subjects and the Zambia regime will next not respect them once they outlive their usefulness.

The Zambia government created the Barotse Royal Establishment as an instrument of destroying the Barotse governance system and setting-up of a radio station in Kaoma specifically for promoting tribal propaganda and creating parallel royal establishments such as Nkoya and Mbunda is meant to further destroy the Barotse governance system. This is in line with the Zambian government’s weird intention to overthrow the people’s BNC resolutions of 2012. In this respect, Lubosi also turned himself into an agent of Zambia and u-turned against the BNC resolutions of 2012 in preference for Edgar Lungu’s instigated dialogue with himself who is the head of state of the state that unilaterally abrogated the tripartite Barotseland Agreement 1964 treaty. These actions are clear manifestations of these deceptive efforts. To ignore these clandestine actions and continue singing "Litunga ni lyetu" to Lubosi without counter corrective actions can only be at our own peril. Now is time for our collective Barotseland action.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that the prime reason Hon. Afumba Mombotwa and others are imprisoned is due to Lubosi's collaboration with the Zambian regime, which is oppressing the people of Barotseland. The behavior exhibited by Lubosi over the BNC resolutions is averse to peaceful cohesion of the people of Barotseland. It is, therefore, ironic that some online media and some activists have apparently not learnt from Lubosi's leadership failure against the order of the Monarch, Sikalo Kuta and the people of Barotseland on one part and tribal discord being perpetrated by the Zambian regime on the other part in order to cause division and derail the actualization of Barotseland independence. It is time out for Zambia. It is time for dissolving the unitary state of Zambia. It is time for Barotseland to start running its own affairs. Bulozi fasi la bo Ndata Luna!