The truth about the Barotseland Agreement 1964


by an Independent Observer

The Barotseland Agreement 1964 (BA'64) cannot be changed by a few people like Edwin and Edgar, as the two embattled leaders would want. The BA'64 was not an ordinary arrangement between two buddies. It was a tripartite international agreement between two nations—Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia—with the approval of Great Britain, the then protecting power. Without the BA'64, the two territories comprised in Northern Rhodesia would have proceeded to independence separately. It stipulated the conditions or principles under which the territory of Barotseland would proceed to independence with Northern Rhodesia, which formed the basis of the unitary state of Zambia. Without the BA'64 the two territories are separate entities.

The Litunga of Barotseland Sir Mwanawina III Lewanika signed on behalf of Barotseland witnessed by the Ngambela or Prime Minister Imenda Sibandi of Barotselan and Prime Minister Kenneth Kaunda signed on behalf of Northern Rhodesia witnessed by Governor ED Hone of Northern Rhodesia, and Principal Secretary of State Duncan Sandys for Commonwealth and Colonies Relations signed on behalf of Great Britain witnessed by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Richard Hornby for Commonwealth Relations and for the Colonies to signify the approval of Her Majesty’s Government. It was a product of broad daylight consultation and agreement with the people of Barotseland, which was approved by a democratically elected parliament and government of Barotseland. Therefore, the people of Barotseland, Zambia and the World should not be cheated that Edwin and Edgar can secretly sign another agreement to repeal or replace the BA'64. In the same manner, the Barotse National Council  Resolutions of 2012 cannot not be changed by a few handpicked people by one Edwin, for neither he nor his counterpart Edgar, have mandate over Barotseland. Whatever they do, it will simply be held against them as evidence of their continued violations of the human rights, inclusive of the right to self-determination, of the people of Barotseland.

Edgar, his predecessors and successors lost mandate over Barotseland as a result of the Zambian regime’s unilateral abrogation of the BA'64 in 1969 when it legislated against its own obligations thereby setting free the other party to the agreement and Edwin lost his mandate by turning his back against the peoples will/authority as enshrined the BNC Resolutions of 2012 and the people of Barotseland have since demanded that he   abdicates the throne peacefully. Therefore, none of them serves the interests nor represents the people of Barotseland.

The people of Barotseland should closely monitor Edwin’s recently appointed Chief Sikombwa (Steward) Nyambe Mwenda currently masquerading as Prime Minister. He is a danger to himself and the people of Barotseland. He is not fit to hold public office due to his criminal record. He will do his best to temper with the BA'64 and the BNC Resolutions of 2012. Don’t forget that he was Ilute Yeta III’s Mutwaleti when he abandoned the sick King in Israel. He ran back home to spread rumors that the King was died. Edwin should also watch out because this man has no respect for life or anybody when it comes to money.