Nyambe Mwenda shows his true colours


by Nokushimba

  Ngambela Nyambe Mwenda has started showing his true colours. He wants to get money from an investor using the name of BRE. He is working with Dr Kasuka Mutukwa who is using the name of the Vice president who is the sister. Us here at the Kuta are ignored. The man who brought the investors is fired illegally by the two con men. We don't know where he is now. People want zwelopili not eating what's supposed to come to the people. The Litunga must look into this matter before the investor runs away. What type of eating is this? Dr Mwanaumo is rich but he has also joined them to swindle BRE. I want to tell Nyambe Mwenda that Malozi are watching. Lwakubeya fa kashasha onafa.